Our current pricelist for 2018.

The pricelist is to give you an indication of the cost of some of the treatments we do. Because each patient is different – the pricelist is only an estimate.
Speak to your Dentist for alternative options.

Prior to starting any of your treatment, each patient will receive a detailed treatment plan and cost estimate.

Diagnostics Price
Digital intra oral x-rays N$168.00
Digital panoramic x-ray N$558.00
CBCT 3D digital scans single jaw bone N$1060.00
CBCT 3D digital scan for both jaws N$1110.00
Consultation Price
Comprehensive consultation N$496.00
Consultation for specific problem N$354.00
Emergency appointment/ consultation after normal working hours N$620.00
Tooth Whitening Price
Tress White disposable universal trays for bleaching (10 trays) N$1500.00
Customized trays for two arches and 4 whitening gels N$2500.00
Phillips Zoom professional whitening in house N$6000.00
Tooth cleaning and scaling Price
Scaling and polish N$651.00
Fluoride treatment N$256.00
Polish and cleaning of children’s teeth N$256.00
Fissure sealants on teeth per teeth N$168.00
Conservative dental Price
Light cure tooth colored fillings N$884.00
Endodontics / root canal Price
Primary root canal treatment single canal teeth N$725.00
Secondary root canal treatment single teeth N$1764.00
Primary root canal treatment for multiple root tooth N$725.00
Secondary root canal treatment for multi root tooth N$3155.00
Prosthetics Price
3D digital inlay or overlay ceramic filling N$5800.00
3D digital crown ceramic or Zirconium N$6200.00
3D digital crowns and bridges 3 units N$12200.00
3D digital crown on dental implant N$8100.00
Ceramic veneers per veneer N$4495.00
Full upper and lower denture N$8000.00
Full upper or lower denture N$4800.00
Partial resin dentures N$3500.00
Partial metal frame denture (per denture) N$6800.00
Baltic denture system full digital dentures N$15000.00
Surgery Price
Removal of single tooth N$492.00
Surgical removal of tooth with sutures N$1923.00
Removal of wisdom tooth (single) N$2646.00
Removal of all wisdom teeth N$4730.00
Dental Implant placement per implant N$8400.00
Bone augmentation N$1250.00
Sinus lift procedure with bone graft N$4750.00